Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The New Kid On The Blog, August 2012: Tea & Cookies

This is a lovely blog that is all about my closet life! Just read the subtitle ... recipes, travel, books, gardening, coffee! Fabulous! Hmm? It doesn't say "coffee"? Okay - well it's kinda the same thing, right? Anyway - check it out. I gave you the link to the particular post that lead me there, courtesy of Shutterbean's "I Love Lists Friday" post of July 13th. "Crossing the Street" is such a beautiful essay. By the way - I happen to own that exact tea strainer shown in the blog's masthead! For reals. I bought it many years ago and it holds the same kinds of wonderful memories that "Tea" conjures on her blog. I was spending a late spring day in the city, before late spring in the city was filthy, hot, sticky, pretentious and smelly. What is that you say? It was never NOT filthy, hot, sticky, pretentious and smelly? Well then maybe it was just before I minded that so much. Anyway I was treating myself to a special day at the salon, a quiet lunch alone and leisurely strolling and shopping on Madison. I came across the darling antique shop in the lobby of The Barbizon Hotel. Such a throw-back! If I were living that day now I'd say it reminded me of Mad Men, of a day when an adventurous young woman might come to live in "the Big Apple" but would need watching out for. Of a day when women wore gloves to work and men were just beginning to rebel against hats and ties when stepping out. Tea & Cookies...a pleasure to savor.

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