Sunday, February 26, 2012

Ugly Pajamas

Uh oh - it looks like a 3-cup morning. It used to be that it didn't matter if it was a weekday or weekend - I was up at 6, dressed by 7 and out of the house a half hour later. I've always thought of Sunday as a good day to chill out and hang around the house but in reality - especially when I was younger - there was just too much to do! I would spend most weekends in the City with friends: bar-hopping Saturday, brunch and a movie on Sunday. Later, shopping or exploring new neighborhoods was the norm. More recently though it has been lazy days around home. Is it my age? Is it my somewhat recent indulgence in home ownership which means a new project always waiting? Nothing much else has changed, except work - but that's certainly no more demanding than it used to be - in fact it is less so! I mean, I always intend to get up and hit the day with gusto but then I turn on the TV to ease into it by watching a little Law & Order and 5 episodes later I'm still in bed! Or - like today - I get into the kitchen, brew that "get-me-going" cup of coffee and find I'm still staring out the patio doors watching the world go by - scary, mismatched nightwear and all - with a THIRD cup of joe in front of me. Oh well, today at least I have the vegan carrot-cherry cookies I made yesterday (recipe courtesy of Joy the Baker) to ease my guilt a bit. Of course the loud & ugly cotton drawstring pants, torn old sweater & pilled Pashmina shawl ...well, there is no excuse that can be made for that!

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