Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Better Berry Muffins

Remember how I said I like to bake for breakfast? I've tried Cranberry-Pecan Scones. Eh. In the spirit of the Olympics, I give 'em a 7.5. Using only whole wheat pastry flour and very little sugar or fat - they were a little dense and bitter. Next time I think I'll substitute some or all of the nuts for chocolate chips. I tried the Lemon Blueberry Buttermilk Muffins which are quite good - a solid 9. The fresh fruit adds a natural sweetness, allowing more calories to be dedicated to a bit of canola oil for a nice texture and mouth feel. The Double Corn and Pecan Muffins - well the BATTER went in the garbage. It looked and smelled so bad - with a significant amount of soy flour  - that I didn't even want to bake them! Today's recipe is from Chef Meg over at Spark and this, my friends, is a big winner! As pointed out in several of the "user" reviews these muffins are high in sugar and therefore not appropriate for a  diabetic-friendly diet. But one of the great things about a 4-4-4 meal plan is that there is very little sugar consumed in an average day. So the 20 grams per muffin is not something I'm going to worry about. It makes me feel better that some of that comes from the amazing fresh blackberries and strawberries I used. The recipe calls for them to be chopped but I left them whole or in big chunks and oh boy are they tasty. I stuck pretty close to the recipe, reducing the brown sugar by just a bit and adding a 1/4 cup of chopped pecans to the topping. By a rough estimate these fantastic breakfast treats are under 150 calories each! The American judge gives them a 10! That's good math.

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