Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sweet Open Faced Pork Sandwich

Mmmm. Pig. The other white meat. This dish is one of my creations. I really like pork roast - tenderloin or fresh ham - both ring my bell. While the fresh ham is a bit more flavorful, thanks of course to the higher fat content, a pork tenderloin is easy and quick. And prepared with the right combination of flavor profiles, it can be just as enjoyable. I often like to buy the prepared pork from my food market's rotisserie and have it ready to go for several meals. Last weekend however I was feeling energetic so I made my own. Since this pork would be the base for a variety of recipes I thought I would use restraint in choosing my ingredients. I created a dry rub of five-spice powder, salt and pepper and some fresh parsley and thyme. I cut a tenderloin in half, coated all sides with the rub and braised the pieces in a fry pan over high heat with a little oil to brown on all sides. Then I lowered the heat and let them cook through.  Fruit is always a great choice to accompany pork and I love this particular combination of sweet and savory. So here's what I did: toast 1 slice of Ezekiel's Bread for Life Sprouted Raisin Bread. Once crisp spread with one tablespoon of Smucker's Sugar Free Peach Preserves. Top with 2 oz. of your beautifully roasted, thinly sliced Pork Tenderloin. Sprinkle with some Balsamic Vinaigrette-Dressed Spring Mix and 1 tablespoon of chopped Pecans. Chicken? Who needs chicken?

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