Thursday, December 29, 2011


This week, after the crazy rush of the holidays, I feel like we're getting back to normal.
Doctory stuff? Done! Real estate craziness? Settled! Work? Ovah!  Well, not really - just over for a week. So: time for a road trip! Ulster County, New York. Nice place to be. It's country, no doubt. But it's also a little sophisticated. Some great shopping, gorgeous scenery and wonderful food. The Gunks lurk around every corner. The weather can be imposing. Thunderclouds, black as pitch, loom overhead. The blue sky will not yield. Hop in the car, get lost and find yourself - if you are wild; quiet; introspective; outrageous; dramatic; earthy; hippie; slick; saucy; fun; simple; authentic. It's all here...keep watching.


I've been away for awhile...navigating through holidays, medical scares, busted computers and information lost (thank goodness for Picasa). When last heard from, you  may remember, way back in September we were preparing a new home for Mom.Well, she moved in around the beginning of October - it turned out great and she loves it! The fresh colors of peach, pink and persimmon, tempered with a creamy warm tan and rich mocha, give the little cottage a cozy yet whimsical look - perfect for our favorite grandmother!

Thursday, July 21, 2011


You never know what you're going to see that strikes your fancy. I love this picture. I love this shop. It's the shades of the shades I love! Gold to bronze, ivory to cream, white and yellow...and then - yeah - that startling orange is really there - in that cute little bell shade at the top, just left of center. Funny, huh?

Friday, July 15, 2011


I've been dealing with a few things this week. Anticipation (new job). Tension (new people). Stress (new traffic patterns). But as the week unfolded everything pretty much settled in. Then along about Wednesday there was this. So nice, yah? It was one of those supremely {hot} and {humid} New York days...nearly 100 degrees. Hazy blue sky (at least that's how it looked all day through the tinted windows of my new air-conditioned office). The top was down (in fact has been for 3 days straight) as I zigged and zagged my way home. Clouds started to gather and drops started to splat on my windshield. I bailed a couple of exits early in case I had to pull the top closed. Around the bend, this painterly scene: the sun battling clouds, from brilliant whites to angry grays, occasionally parting to reveal clear blue patches. Breathe deep. Sigh.

Friday, July 8, 2011


Vacation is over. Back to work on Monday. A good way to finish off an extended vaca? Brunch with friends. One last visit to the Farmers' Market. A wildflower bouquet. Ahh summer. Smiling yellow sunflowers. Candy-colored zinnias in shades of orchid and carnation. Fuzzy purple - or is it blue? - ageratum. Tanned burgundy dahlias with white bottoms! Snapdragons making like a tequila sunrise. Emerald bedding. All stuffed in a handmade pot the color of faded denim, kiddie pools, summer clouds at dusk.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Birthday

Independence Day. The Fourth. Summer. Fireworks. Freedom. Barbeques. BBQ. Watermelon. Potato salad. Hot dogs. Grillin'. Hamburgers. Turkey burgers. Picnics. The beach. The pool. The flag. Red white and blue. Old Glory. America the beautiful. Our nation's birthday. Celebrate. Be thankful. Be happy.

Friday, July 1, 2011


The rainbow chard at the Market was not quite as colorful as the beets...but still pretty: rich, dark green leaves, heavily textured and veined with either magenta, yellow or cream. After all the beets, spinach and peas I wasn't much in the mood for another plateful of veggies. I Googled "chard + chicken" and found a nice recipe for chicken roulades with chard stuffing.
Now there was a time when I'd toyed with the idea of writing a food blog. I abandoned it. Here's why: I wing it. In crazy ways. I didn't have much in the pantry and didn't feel like going shopping again. So I adapted the recipe using leftover trail mix I got from Target. Really. It's not as strange as it sounds. Promise. 
The nuts are an appropriate substitute for the chestnuts regularly used in stuffing. And raisins are often a recommended accompaniment to chard. So, there was dried pineapple in there too. And sunflower seeds. And 3 different kinds of nuts. And coconut. The more the merrier I say.
 Saute the chopped leaves and stems in olive oil, add some orange juice and simmer until very wilted. Move all that to a food processor and let it sit there while toasting the trail mix in the dry pan. Add it to the chard mixture, toss in some parmesan cheese and torn pieces of Italian bread. Pulse everything a few times. Smash your chicken breasts, spread with the stuffing, roll and tie them. Fry the roulades in a little butter and olive oil just to brown on all sides, then bake {350ish} to cook the chicken through. Slice it up and serve with some beautiful roasted baby carrots. Good stuff.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


So I was at the Farmers' Market.
As usual I bought a lot of pretty if I like to eat vegetables. I went a little color beets, yellow beets and a huge bunch of multi-colored chard. Even the farmer remarked on my rainbow mania.
I cooked the beets when I got home. I chopped 'em, seasoned 'em (s&p) drizzled 'em (olive oil) and tossed 'em. Pop 'em in the toaster oven at about 400 for what?... 15 minutes? Super easy. Super good.
 Serve 'em:
Cool: layered over vinaigrette-dressed spinach.
Hot: alongside just about anything.
And tomorrow we'll talk about the chard.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Driving Towards The Sun

Yesterday I was driving. To the city. Again. At least it was a pretty day. And no traffic. I had brunch and then hung out with the family. Okay so I can't complain. 
It was night by the time I drove home. But this time of year, you know, the sun sets pretty late. I still had the top down and shot these pics holding my i-Phone above the windshield. No I wasn't driving. Okay I was driving very slowly. That's why the shot above is -  how shall I say - crazy blurry.
But then I pulled over. In the parking lot. I swear. See, above? Nice, huh?

Saturday, June 25, 2011


This morning I had a muffin. And coffee. It was a Morning Sunrise muffin but it didn't taste like the Morning Sunrise I used to buy at Whole Foods. And it was old. So I sliced up some nice fresh Italian bread from Panzanella's. And toasted it. And fried up a couple of eggs. I sunnysided up them eggs. Wicked.
I let the butter get really hot (yeah, there was butter).

I let the eggs fry until the edges started getting crisp 'cause I love that - it adds so much flavor. Then I turned the heat down and put a loose cover over the pan, which firmed up those gross blobby white parts. Then, guess what? I had another cup of coffee. Pretty darn good Saturday morning.