Sunday, January 6, 2013

New Kid On The Blog, Jan. 2013

Well. Happy NEW year, folks! It's always a little strange, isn't it, when you write the year for the first few times? It's a new year, a new month and therefore time to check out a new blog. I've realized that many of the sites I "like" and either add to my blog roll or post about in this feature are food blogs. And I'm not much of a food blog fan. Imagine that. I think I am drawn, in some cases, to the personality that shines through. And the look and feel of the photography and graphics. That seems to be the commonality amongst most of my favorite blogs - color, design, voice and vision. This month's choice is no different - except where it is. Because tatertotsandjello is a charming and crafty lifestyle blog. Check out Jen's world, whip up some wall art or stitch up a greeting card or two and enjoy my New Year's gift to you!