Thursday, July 19, 2012

Lemon Blueberry Buttermilk Muffins

I made these muffins the other day. I made a dozen. I ate a dozen. No - not all in one day. But two at a time, nearly everyday for - well - a week. I wasn't expecting them to be so good - I got the recipe from Prevention Magazine, part of their 400-calorie meal promotion. They are tasty, tender and sweet. They are not, as you can see, particularly bulbuous or inflated. They are modest. I can grab 2 of these muffins and pop them in a paper bag to eat in the car, on the go, with my morning Starbucks' and that is, by my reckoning, a great start to the day! Most of the meals I prepare are "assembled" - no recipe required. I choose a few of my regular ingredients and throw them together in different ways for a little variety. I do however like to bake a treat each week that #1 satisfies my emotional sweet craving and #2 gives me a no-preparation alternative for those mornings when I am running out the door with one shoe on my foot and one in my hand! Fresh sweet blueberries and lots of lemon zest (I doubled what the recipe calls for and substituted vanilla extract for the lemon extract since I hate lemon extract) make these muffins fragrant and tasty. Canola oil makes them moist, providing enough fat to deliver the flavor and keep the crankies away!

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