Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I guess this is my month to be tubing..um You-Tubing (insert groan here). Yah I've been blog-hopping again. My girl Tracy over at Shutterbean posted a link to this video in one of her highly entertaining "I Love Lists Friday" - um - lists awhile back. I am all up in this video's business for it has all the can't fail elements I adore: good old fashioned stop-motion animation, charming music, whimsy and lovely books, fun books, quirky books. It reminds me of Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks falling in love over books, business and Christmas in New York; Anne Bancroft and Anthony Hopkins' book-based bittersweet transcontinental flirtation; Hugh Grant without Julia Roberts, trying to convince us he can relate to being a geeky bookshop owner. Type. Great name, great logo, great little movie.

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