Wednesday, March 28, 2012


One of the many things I enjoy about the blogging community is the small neighborhood it seems to mimic. If the Internet is the motherland that spawned us, bloggers might be her progeny: diverse, dispersed far and wide, sharing few but meaningful characteristics. Despite our faces being obscured and our language being digital, bloggers are people too. And people will do what people do. We find familiarity. We seek companionship. We value camaraderie. Visit a favorite blog then and it will be no surprise that the same names keep popping up over and over. When Joy the Baker shared the Simple Vegan Chocolate Cake, like Ms. Lady Next Door inviting us to a coffee klatch, we were pleased. What else would we do but give it a try in our very own kitchens? The next time we gathered around the next kitchen table, we'd share another slice, or a story about when we made it, who we passed it on to, what happened when it failed. Whether it thrilled us (chewthefat) or disappointed (thedesertabode) there was comfort in the sharing. My choices were poor (sugar crust? really?) and the next day there was some regret. Yet I can't stay away (big chocolate chunks do me in everytime). Oh ladies, why does he do me like that?

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