Thursday, March 15, 2012

Keep Calm

My mind works in strange ways. I saw a link to this video. I ended up planning a fantasy trip to England. This is great stuff. Everybody has seen this graphic, yes? I knew it was an historic piece but I did not know any more about its quirky past. The story of "Keep Calm and Carry On" is an interesting one, fully tied to this intriguing used book store in some remote-ish corner of the UK. Watch this admittedly promotional video and try to tell me you aren't still smitten! Behold Barter Books' ravishing building, all gorgeous brick and ironwork, period detailing and grand gestures. Revel in the row upon row, stack upon stack, crammed with paperbacks, hardbacks, journals and texts. Drink in the elegance of the original tea rooms and imagine sipping from a steaming cup with some lovely sweet on the side while leafing through a finely illustrated manuscript. Try not to be overwhelmed by the old train station's majestic main hall, the charming model train chugging throughout the shop, the new-school-meets-old-school neon accented walls. It seems a place to behold in a town to be savored in a country to be coveted.

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