Thursday, July 12, 2012

Bistro Box

My weekends can look like one of 2 things - watching tv from bed, my recliner or my desk while thinking about as little as possible OR driving all over 4 counties visiting, shopping, running errands etc! When it is the former I usually manage to rouse myself long enough to trudge into the kitchen and assemble a simple meal. When it is the latter I am challenged to stay out of the Burger King drive through and find a healthy-ish alternative to over-salted, pre-frozen fast food and fat-saturated casual dining menus. Lately it has been Starbucks to the rescue. This might not come as much of a surprise to my friends and co-workers who know that I am on a first name basis with everyone in my local branch. But much as I am a sucker for their always-fresh, bold brews and beans, I never used to think of them for a decent meal. That changed when I discovered their Bistro Boxes. Each of the pre-packaged snack platters run about 400 calories (from a low of 270 to to a high of 480). Some are more nutritious overall while others can be rather high in saturated fat or sodium. But as an occasional on-the-go meal they will do fine. The "Chicken & Hummus" box is the leanest, with carrot or tomato and cucumber, grilled chicken breast and a mini whole wheat pita with hummus dip. The most decadent variety in my opinion, is the "Salumi & Cheese" which is chock full of cheese, salami and prosciutto plus crackers, grapes and a bit of lettuce. No matter how many times I read the label I am still shocked it weighs in at only 360 calories! Try them all - find your favorite and know, if there's a Starbucks nearby (and really, where is there not?) - you're covered!

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