Wednesday, March 21, 2012


It's summer in New York. It was a long hard winter here, and I for one am glad it's over! What! Okay that was all just a total lie but OMG it has been pretty much as ca-razy as that. Last year the winter was so bad that everyone here in big ole bad New Yawk cried about it constantly. This year you couldn't find a snowflake if your life depended on it. The coldest days barely reached 25 and the ones that did were few and far between. Now we've moved right into summer with multiple days this month more than 30 degrees above normal! The daffodils are in full bloom, the magnolias are open, the pollen is flying - the planet's going to hell in a hand basket. God help us this summer. There were plenty of vistas like this the past week...the earliest of spring flowering trees glowing against the brown and gray late winter landscape. This one, which my Moms always called a Japanese azalea, caught my eye. The color is more toward purple than pink which is a bit unusual. When I finally pulled the colors for my "paint" swatches I realized these are some of the colors I am flirting with for a mini bedroom refresh. My own late winter landscape - the colors that go on the bed after the red Christmas linens go away - are currently wedgewood blue and chocolate brown. They make for a really soothing and restful environment with the cafe au lait walls and matching silk drapes, but a little "last season" if you will. So I was thinking of switching out the blues for violets, dusky plum and muddled boisenberry. I considered this when I moved in - long before Benjamin Moore came up with their Violet Twilight ;o). But I went more conservative. Much like my approach to fashion - I seem to embrace each trend after I've seen it for a year or 2 - just as everyone else is moving on! That's okay. I'll go with tried and true over cutting edge most every day of the week!

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