Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Facts of Life

Fact: change sucks. Alright I don't totally believe that. Sometimes it sucks. Sometimes it kinda ticks you off. So Benjamin Moore's Color Preview did away with their little dot swatches. You can see them in earlier posts below. Cute right? Now check out the post from March 7th. The bar of colors at the bottom? Yeah it's nice. It's a bit more classy. But it doesn't really say "paint" now does it? So I am thinking it's time for a little blog redesign. I love the look of creaturecomforts blog. And I sorta like katiespencilbox. I guess sometimes change IS good - an opportunity to try something maybe you wouldn't have thought of before. Maybe the kick in the pants you need to embrace a little change for yourself. Keep an eye here. Let's see what I can come up with. In the meantime: enjoy some healthy and delicious waffles, Hudson Valley style: saute apple slices in butter...add a few tablespoons of honey to farmer's cheese...toast up a waffle...assemble all on a plate...add some pure New York State maple syrup and a few dashes of cinnamon.

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