Monday, July 9, 2012

Crafty Me: Jars

Here's a fun craft project that I first found on Pinterest. It was posted all over the web but I ultimately tracked the link back to here. It's a super easy and quick project. The transformation from recycled jar to quirky vase or pencil cup takes only some store bought bottles of enamel glass paint. The best part, I think, is in choosing the colors. I started with one light grass green (middle) and one pale blue (2nd from left). I then mixed the 2 colors, sometimes with ivory, to get a nice range of related tones. Experiment with your paint colors and bottle shapes. I want to do shades of pink, coral and magenta next. These jars look a little country/salvaged and I kind of like the honesty of that. You could certainly do the same thing to store-bought clear glass vases and bowls and get a sleeker, more sophisticated look. That might be cool to try in elegant shades of gray with a little silver metallic thrown in. Directions: Working over a protective surface pour a generous amount of the pre-mixed paint into a clean and dry jar or vase. Carefully swirl the paint around until the vessel is fully coated. Pour the excess back into the paint container. For a neat and professional look make sure to remove all paint from the neck and top edge of the opening. Clean up any spills or smudges on the outside of the glass before the paint sets. Let the jars stand open and unused until all the paint fully sets. By the way I would not recommend using these for any food substance - reserve them for decorative uses.

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