Sunday, February 12, 2012

Cold and Raw

Yes, it's finally a cold and raw in day in New York. A good day to stay in. Sleep late. Two cups of coffee. Shower later 'cause it's gonna get messy around here. Yes, this kind of day is perfect for - organizing! I finally gave in last week and moved my office. It took me all these years to admit that it had to happen (stubborn much?). I always wanted to believe I could have one of those pretty, sparse, period "writing desks" with a clean simple laptop, maybe a lovely little vase of flowers and nothing else. Hah! Not gonna happen. There's the printer, the to-do pile, the i-phone dock, the USB thingie, the...well you get the idea. So off the whole shebang went to the spare room. (Course I'm not sure you can call it a "spare" room when it serves as the library, guest room, craft room AND office). Anyway today was dedicated to re-storing all that stuff. I planned ahead and picked up some soup last night. Pretty good cheddar and broccoli. But I doctored it a bit with more fresh broccoli, a little low sodium chicken stock and tomato garnish. Alongside: one of the best store-bought breads I've had, a potato-chive focaccia toasted up nice and crisp. All served up pretty with a black place mat, pumpkin colored dishes from PB, classic white bowl and - always - fine silverware. A pleasant little break, no work at all, and just the right kick to keep me sorting and storing all afternoon!

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