Thursday, October 18, 2012

Crafty Me: Covered Boxes Mean Pretty Closets

I posted a little taste of this mini re-organization project sometime ago. It took me a bit but I finally got to finish off the enhancements for my linen closet! You all know that I don't REALLY have any terribly messy closets or drawers. When I moved here I took the time to edit all the stuff that came with me and plan what, of the remainder, would go where. I ordered all the right shelves and organizers to put my plan into action. It wasn't until a few weeks ago, courtesy of Pinterest, that I began yearning, not so much for more organization in this closet, but for more prettiness!
My first priority was to cover the ugly storage boxes (on the floor in the before). I bought a few yards of solid, neutral duck and a fresh, modern floral that coordinated nicely with the soft pink paint I used on the closet walls. Next up: add bins to each shelf to help separate and contain all the linens. I hid those ugly rags in one, rolled the smaller hand towels in another and arranged washcloths in a third. Another little tweak required a wire shelf to separate the storage boxes on the floor so I can easily slide out the bottom ones. I added a wire under-shelf basket to maximize that space even more. Finally I re-thought how I folded the remaining pieces. I remember Martha Stewart's way of folding all her sheets in a set inside one of the pillow cases to keep them together but I never thought that made for a neat package. Instead I fold and stack the fitted sheet and pillow cases then wrap the flat sheet around them. This way they look great even when stored upright! Another helpful little trick is to roll instead of fold. This allows you, with a little bit of planning, to perfectly fill almost any size space. I even rolled bath towels and stacked them the long way - that's them to the right of the rag bin. They look good!

And there you have it: an organized, pretty - and best of all - stress-free, easy to use closet!

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