Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The New Kid On The Blog, September 2012: Skinny Taste

Unlike most of the "new" blogs I've featured here, I did NOT come by skinny taste via shutterbean or joy the baker. Instead I found that the recipes on this site often came up in random searches I've been doing to find healthier meals and better eating tips and tricks. The blog is clean, straight-forward and chock full of great recipe ideas. I'm always skeptical because lousy-tasting diet food can easily look just as good as the real thing (i.e. fat-laden and over-salted)! However reading Gina's recipes, posts and stories, I can believe in most cases the simple substitutions and restraint she uses help deliver fewer calories and cleaner ingredients along with flavor and satisfaction. Not to mention - *bonus* - I only have to raid my pantry or visit the grocery down the street to gather all I need. I can be adventurous in cooking but it's great to have a resource like Gina for when I'm feeling lazy!

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