Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Crafty Me: Decalmania

I am feeling the effects of a life without charm again. There have been few pretty things to capture my attention. I've not dived into my craft closet in oh so long. The daily grind, the rat race, the boredom of taking care of business each day, I admit, is getting to me. I am creatively challenged at the moment! My recent visits to Maine and Mass have tickled me a bit. I'm not quite ready to chuck it all and dedicate myself to a life in art (or craft). But I have found myself gettin' happy about some others' work. Bloggers have been all over these water decals for awhile but this post from the painted hive moved me to action! I am decaling my brains out....oh the possibilities! Get crazy along with me and download some of my pantry labels here and here.

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