Thursday, December 29, 2011


This week, after the crazy rush of the holidays, I feel like we're getting back to normal.
Doctory stuff? Done! Real estate craziness? Settled! Work? Ovah!  Well, not really - just over for a week. So: time for a road trip! Ulster County, New York. Nice place to be. It's country, no doubt. But it's also a little sophisticated. Some great shopping, gorgeous scenery and wonderful food. The Gunks lurk around every corner. The weather can be imposing. Thunderclouds, black as pitch, loom overhead. The blue sky will not yield. Hop in the car, get lost and find yourself - if you are wild; quiet; introspective; outrageous; dramatic; earthy; hippie; slick; saucy; fun; simple; authentic. It's all here...keep watching.

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